What is Checkstyle?

Checkstyle is an open-source tool that helps programmers to write java codes that adhere to a coding standard. Simply, Checkstyle helps developers to check their code against a specified standard ruleset. These rules are highly configurable. Checkstyle compares written code with the specified rule set and if any violation found, it will indicate the violation. This helps to automate the process of checking common standards for a written Java code.

Why we need such a rule set?

So, why we need these standards? It is a best practice if we can follow the coding standard in software projects. It will help developers to write industry-level clean codes…

Unit testing plays a major role in the software development life cycle. Unit testing helps to write bug-free, quality, and efficient code. When we are using the TDD approach for a particular project unit testing is a must. In java, we normally use Junit framework to write unit test cases and Mockito to mock objects for unit testing.

We can write test cases for an individual code block, if they are public or protected or default. But for private methods?? Can we write unit tests to test private methods? Yes!! we can.

The best way to test a private method…

What is Liquibase?

Liquibase is an open-source library that use to track and manage the database schema level changes of a project. Basically, Liquibase is a database change management tool. Rather than writing and running DDL SQL directly against the database to create, update or drop database objects, developers can define their desired database changes in separate files and able to execute these changes against database

Why Liquibase?

There are some common problems developers face when they are developing a project.

  1. Developers have to maintain manually what are the database changes they have made.
  2. When moving project to a new…

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